VidMate v4.5411 APK – Descarga gratuita para Android

VidMate v4.5411 APK – Descarga gratuita para Android


VidMate v4.5094  Apk Download for Android – Latest Version 2022

VidMate v4.5411 is the latest version of the famous and most popular VidMate app. With it, you can download videos, music, movies, and much more from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and many others.

Description of Vidmate

The VidMate app has a nice and clean interface. Thanks to its great features and regular updates, it has become the best video download app.

Any Android user who wants to download videos from YouTube must download and install this app. This video download app is the best solution for you. Millions of users use VidMate and share their positive feedback.

The app has advanced download technology and fast download facilities that can download everything from hundreds of websites at a faster speed.

Features of VidMate 

  • Vidmate is completely free. You can download and install this app for free. You can download an unlimited number of files.
  • Unlimited free download: This app will allow you to download unlimited videos.
  • Download free movies: You can download an unlimited number of movies from YouTube.
  • Download free music: with the best quality.
  • HD quality videos download: You can download 720p, 1080p, 4K, and HD quality videos.
  • Downloading multiple files and multiple formats are their unique and unusual features.
  • Live TV channels: Has over 200 live TV channels.
  • Regular update: With one click you can update this video download app.
  • Supports many languages, which makes the app easy to use
  • Download SD card: You can download the video you want directly to the SD card.
  • The app can work with 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network connections. It has a function for faster portability.

VidMate v4.5411

Available on:VidMate
App NameVidMate 4.5411
Operating SystemAndroid 5+
Size:19.72 MB
Updated1 day ago

Download VidMate APK

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